RT-130 Wildland Fire Safety Training Refreshed for 2019


Recent trends in wildfires have been nothing short of devastating. Record-setting fires in 2017 and 2018 ravaged northern and southern California with roughly 8.8 and 10 million acres burned, respectively. As the 2019 wildland fire season approaches, effective RT-130 training and prevention tactics are key in preparing firefighters for the threats to come.

TargetSolutions’ premium RT-130 Annual Wildland Fire Safety Refresher series is updated annually with the latest statistics, strategies and case studies from previous wildfires to help fire departments train for the upcoming fire season. The 2019 refresher series offers both the full-length and condensed microlearning versions (four, two-hour modules or four, 30-minute modules) with engaging videos, storytelling and an on-screen instructor.

“Megafires, or what might be termed a ‘hundred-year event,’ now occur with predictable frequency as the climate warms – establishing a new normal every year, as of late,” said Paul Costello, who is a TargetSolutions subject matter expert and training officer with Hillsborough County Fire Rescue (Fla.). “Wildland firefighters, as directed by their respective agency, must refresh on their craft annually. In doing so, the prior year’s fire season is recapped, and the lessons learned are conveyed.”

Wildland Fire Safety Training

Each module in this series highlights a crucial aspect of wildland fire strategies and prevention. From risk management to LCES safety strategies, to skywatching and weather reports, to fire shelter survival techniques, this series covers it all.

Modern courses are available as a complete series or micro-segments highlighting only new information for 2019. Learn more about new items in each part of this annual series below:

RT-130: Wildland Fire Safety Refresher Part 1

This course covers new NIFC topics including a summary of the 2018 wildland firefighting season, risk management, Watch-Out Situations, and LCES Safety Strategies and After-Action Reviews.

RT-130: Wildland Fire Safety Refresher Part 2

This course addresses crucial topics related to wildfire training including skywatching and weather reports.

RT-130: Wildland Fire Safety Refresher Part 3

This course discusses fire shelter survival techniques and lessons from the Seven Oaks Fire.

RT-130: Wildland Fire Safety Refresher Part 4

This course highlights wildland fire statistics, fuel clearance safety, chainsaws, and human factors, air operations, unmanned aircraft safety, the no drone zone, and the effects of overexertion.

Firefighter Continuing Education Training

TargetSolutions features more than 450 hours of training for fire departments. Courses are based on the NFPA codes and standards, including NFPA 1001, NFPA 1021 and the NFPA 1500 Series. Courses also cover wildland fire, response to terrorism, and much more. Learn more about the Fire Department Training solution.

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