Safety Training 101: Get the Ultimate Guide

As part of IndustrySafe’s goal to provide safety professionals with all the necessary info to maximize workplace safety efforts, we’ve just launched a comprehensive guide to the basics of safety training!

What safety training topics are covered in this guide?

If the idea of poring over hundreds of pages of OSHA training standards is enough to put you to sleep, then you’ve come to the right place. IndustrySafe’s Safety Training 101 guide has been designed to outline critical information in an easily digestible format.

We cover some of the most popular safety training topics, including forklift operation, Hazard Communication (HAZCOM), confined spaces training, electrical safety, and driver safety. For each topic, we break down OSHA’s training regulations and best practices to highlight in your training to ensure you’re delivering information in a way that employees can easily understand and remember.

forklift safety training

Training myths, de-bunked

In addition to providing a deep dive on these key topics, our safety training 101 guide also dispels some common myths about online safety training and how it compares to classroom training.

If you’re in the market for online training solutions, we also lay out our checklist on what to look for when selecting a training software.  This section of the guide is essential for anyone who’s interested in simplifying how you deliver, record, and track your employees required safety training.

IndustrySafe’s Safety Training 101 guide is available at no cost to all EHS and training professionals. You can read the guide in full on our website, or download it as an interactive PDF for easy offline access.

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