New Anti-Harassment Training in Compliance with California SB 1343


By Jan. 1, 2020, all employers in California with five or more employees will be required to provide at least two hours of interactive training regarding sexual harassment to all supervisory employees and one hour for all non-supervisory employees. According to SB 1343, this must be accomplished within six months of their assumption of a position.

To meet these mandates, TargetSolutions is releasing two all-new courses for the prevention of harassment, discrimination and retaliation in the workplace. Anti-Harassment Training for All Employees – California (SB1343) is a one-hour long course for general employees and Anti-Harassment Training for Supervisors and Managers – California (SB1343/AB1825) is a two-hour course for supervisory personnel.

These video-driven courses engage individuals with practical lessons and comply with California policies and laws regarding discrimination and harassment. Also covered in these courses is the complaint process and how to contact the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) to file a complaint.

Learn more about these new anti-harassment training courses:

Anti-Harassment Training for All Employees – California (SB 1343)

Throughout this one-hour course, a live presenter uses updated material and relevant case studies to define sexual harassment and gender discrimination, describe a hostile work environment and explain factors such as the “Reasonable Person Standard”, severity and duration.

In addition to improving individual’s understanding of sexual harassment, this course also covers bullying, retaliation and how to report such cases.

After taking this course, employees will be more aware of how to identify harassment and feel empowered to address it appropriately.

Anti-Harassment Training for Supervisors and Managers – California (SB 1343/AB1825)

Anti-Harassment Training for Supervisors and Managers – California (SB 1343/AB1825) considers the added responsibilities of those in leadership positions when discussing harassment prevention. As managers exercise authority on behalf of the employer, they must take every reported case seriously and respond promptly.

This two-hour course for supervisors and managers expresses the need to uphold a strong reporting structure and provide positive morale to prevent cases of illegal harassment or discrimination and address them quickly and effectively. After taking this course, managers will be in compliance with California SB 1343 and AB 1825 training requirements.

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