Streamline the Hiring Process with TargetSolutions’ New Hire Onboarding Solution

Did you know the majority of employees who go through a structured onboarding process are more likely to remain long-term with an organization? It’s also a fact that losing a first-year employee can cost a company up to three times their annual salary, according to a report by the Wynhurst Group.

Mountains of paperwork, checklists, and mandatory training are a few of the burdens hiring managers face on a regular basis. While it’s easy to get lost in the clutter of hiring new employees, TargetSolutions’ online training management system simplifies and streamlines the process.

TargetSolutions’ New Hire Onboarding Solution combines various features inside the platform, including the File Center, the Activities Builder and the Manage Credentials application, to streamline the delivery, completion and documentation of all assignments. Automatic alert notifications, e-signature accountability, and real-time assignment monitoring, ensures new hires and managers alike can enjoy a simplified and efficient onboarding process.

“Using TargetSolutions for your new hire onboarding process can help you save both time and money. It helps you reduce the amount of hours that you spend manually tracking down all of the requirements that are necessary for new hire onboarding.”

Jennifer Jones, Client Services Manager, TargetSolutions

“The biggest hit for an organization is they’re able to take their online training content through TargetSolutions and couple that with the records management piece,” said Jones. “So they’re able to do both training content as well as manage things like new hire paperwork, meetings, and things of that nature.”

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