Top 5 Online Training Courses You Should Assign Today


As 2019 gets off to a fast start, it's time to start assigning training across your agency to ensure safety and optimize efficiency going into the new year. It's important to deliver training courses through an online platform that makes learning accessible and interesting.

TargetSolutions’ online training platform has a course library that's been developed with the needs of today's fire, EMS, law enforcement and municipal employees in mind. Here are the top five online courses you should assign today.

Top 5 Online Training Courses You Should Assign Today

  1. Bloodborne Pathogens Safety

This is one of TargetSolutions' most popular courses and is compliant with OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens requirements. Featuring an engaging on-screen instructor as well as 3D animations and custom videos, this course teaches personnel how to reduce the risk of infectious materials. This video-based course was recently updated to keep up with the latest risks and strategies regarding bloodborne pathogens.

The Bloodborne Pathogens Safety course covers more than 20 infectious agents that workers are likely to encounter including Hepatitis C and HIV. Employees learn all about bloodborne pathogens and how they're spread, how to reduce the changes of exposure and what to do in case of an exposure incident.

  1. Sexual Harassment Prevention

Sexual harassment is a serious issue that can have a toxic effect on the workplace by lowering morale and placing agencies at risk for lawsuits and other legal action. TargetSolutions' training helps both employees and supervisors create a safer and more positive workplace.

These courses from the TargetSolutions library allow agencies to complete mandatory sexual harassment training for employees and supervisors. They also go beyond mere compliance and provide personnel with practical tools to prevent incidents from arising in the first place. The courses are also designed to humanize the material so it's not simply a list of rules to memorize.

  1. NFPA 1500 Firefighter PTSD in the Fire Industry

Mental health issues such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder have a strong impact on first responders. Firefighters, EMTs and paramedics and law enforcement officers often face life-threatening situations that can cause PTSD. TargetSolutions has created a powerful video-driven course to help people dealing with this issue. The course dramatizes the challenges of PTSD and covers symptoms, the extent of the problem, warning signs for suicide and coping strategies.

This course also balances data-backed facts and a compelling narrative to keep viewers interested and informed. Additionally, quizzes inserted between lessons ensure learners are absorbing the material.

  1. NFPA 1851 Cancer-Related Risks of Firefighting

While people often focus on the obvious dangers firefighters face in their work, cancer is actually one of the biggest risks. There are often carcinogenic agents around fires and in some cases, firefighting equipment and PPE itself can be the culprit. This course about cancer prevention in the fire industry teaches firefighters how to recognize and minimize the risks of cancer on the job. Course material covers recognizing carcinogenic materials, properly cleaning and preparing gear, decontamination and best practices to reduce risks.

  1. Bundle of Calibre Press Courses

TargetSolutions has released a variety of helpful courses in partnership with Calibre Press. There are several courses focusing on issues such as conflict de-escalation and body language.

These are all factors which make a big difference for law enforcement professionals dealing with potentially volatile situations. This video training series contains real-life footage from body cams to improve understanding of vital issues – which can save lives and help law enforcement officers perform their jobs with greater confidence. These online courses are available to law enforcement professionals at any time so they can always return to them and review the material.


TargetSolutions is a leading provider in online training for the Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement industries. Learn more about this online training management platform and how you can simplify training for your department and manage it more efficiently.

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