Recorded Webinar: Best Practices for Managing Controlled Substances

TargetSolutions Check It™ is the only asset and operations management solution for mission-critical industries that is integrated with TargetSolutions' online training management system. Accessible via the mobile application or from any web-enabled device, this system allows agencies to streamline maintenance and inspections for apparatus, equipment, medical supplies, and now, controlled substances.

This recorded webinar, Best Practices for Managing Controlled Substances, highlights new functionalities for cradle-to-grave tracking of controlled substances. Discover how your ALS department can securely track and manage everything related to controlled substances. Watch a recording of this webinar to learn more.

Track Usage of Controlled Substances

Whether a controlled substance is in storage, going through a morning drug-box handoff or being administered on a patient, TargetSolutions Check It™ simplifies how agencies track it all. Best practices discussed in this webinar include:

  • How to track records and comply with Schedule II controlled substances guidelines
  • How to access 24/7, real-time data on the status of controlled substances – including quantities, locations and expirations
  • How to ensure security with easy-to-use biometrics

With this tracking tool, personnel can stay ahead of drug expirations, reduce waste and prevent misuse. The Controlled Substances add-on module inside TargetSolutions Check It™ offers added security and compliance features to its inspection functionalities. Tools such as escalation policies, facial recognition technology and peer authorization help departments ensure controlled substances are accounted for and ready to use.

Departments can also maintain compliance with the DEA and other agencies with extensive data and reporting. Easily exportable reports show specific information such as dates, actions taken, personnel responsible and locations. With this, liable personnel can ensure controlled substance inspections, transfers, and usage are accurately tracked.

Controlled Substances in TargetSolutions Check It™ is now available! If you would like to request a one-on-one demonstration, please click here.

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