Why Cogeneration Boasts Big Benefits


Industrial organizations are facing mounting challenges when it comes to managing energy. Environmental regulations are pushing companies to reduce consumption and ramp up efficiency. At the same time, increased utility costs and peak charges can create significant expenses. All told, industrial businesses can benefit substantially if they revisit on-site power generation, and modern technologies are creating new opportunities. Cogeneration, in particular, is standing out as a prime option.

What is cogeneration?

Cogeneration technologies, or combined heat and power (CHP) systems, combine heat and power into a single entity by using excess thermal energy produced during power generation to provide useful heat within the facility. This provides a wide range of benefits on an everyday basis, including:

  • More efficient fuel use.
  • Improved power quality and backup power reliability.
  • Avoid peak charges through on-site generation.
  • Evade rising utility costs and sell excess power back to utilities.

Cogeneration gives industrial organizations an opportunity to take control of their power destinies in an extremely efficient way. Check out our video on cogeneration for all of the details on how the technology can pay dividends for your business. If you still want to learn more, check out our Cogeneration Systems Essentials course.

Cogeneration Systems Essentials Training

RedVector’s Cogeneration Systems Essentials


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