Prioritizing Prevention in a Compliance-Driven Environment | Free Webinar

Prioritizing Prevention in a Compliance-Driven Environment | Free Webinar

“Prioritizing Prevention in a Compliance-Driven Environment” | Free Webinar


Watch our free recorded webinar on “Prioritizing Prevention in a Compliance-Driven Environment” with Alison Kiss Dougherty.


In the landscape of higher education violence prevention, much of the guidance is driven by regulations and in reaction to crisis. This session will cover how to proactively address prevention and garner support around this important work. The session will include a summary of regulatory requirements and address some short case studies around leadership, courage, and proactive prevention.


  • Achieve a Better Understanding of Regulatory Requirements in Higher Education
  • Understand How to Proactively Address Prevention and Gain Leadership Support
  • Learn How Other Institutions Are Fostering Leadership, Courage, and Proactive Prevention
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About the Presenter

Alison Headshot

Alison is a nationally recognized subject-matter expert in Title IX and the Clery Act. Her work has focused on training, planning, and organizational development for colleges, universities, and schools.

She was selected to serve on the United States Department of Education’s Negotiated Rule-making to assist in drafting the regulations for the Violence Against Women Act amendments to the Clery Act.

Previously, Alison served as Vice President of HR and Title IX Coordinator at Widener University. And, Alison served as Executive Director of the national non-profit Clery Center; Director of Drug, Alcohol, and Wellness Counseling for faculty, students, and staff at Saint Joseph’s University; and Director of Outreach and Education for the Domestic Abuse Project.



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