Compliance and Certification

Compliance and Certification

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December 9 2020

Title 31 Certification: Why You Need Better Casino Compliance…

With a rise in sports betting and mobile gaming, convertible virtual currencies and increasing rates of financial and cybercrime, it’s vital that your staff is properly trained in Title 31 and AML compliance to reduce risk to your operation. Vector…

November 13 2020

Key Takeaways from the Virtual AML Event

The 2020 Virtual AML Event was a huge success bringing AML Compliance professionals in the gaming industry together to discuss important topics as it relates to the current landscape. Hundreds of anti-money laundering professionals attended and the event was sponsored…

October 22 2020

Navigating Changes to Title IX Regulations

As of August 14, 2020, a mere one hundred days after their initial release, changes to Title IX are in effect and the Department of Education (ED) now expects institutions to be in compliance with these sweeping new rules. Given…

August 24 2020

The Value of Continuing Education & Professional Certifications

    You might know Convergence Training as primarily a job-training company because we create a lot of training that's often assigned at workplaces or otherwise made available to employees to complete to build skills, improve safety, be compliant with…

Whitepapers & Guides
July 17 2020

Guide to OSHA General Industry Compliance

Get this helpful guide to help your organization comply with OSHA's 1910 standards for general industry employers.

July 15 2020

Free Guide to OSHA Compliance for the Construction Industry

OSHA’s 1926 standards provide safety regulations for American employers in the construction industry (along with some additional regulations that apply to all US employers, such as OSHA’s General Duty clause). To help construction industry employers meet their OSHA compliance requirements,…

Whitepapers & Guides
July 14 2020

OSHA Construction Industry Compliance Guide

The OSHA Construction Industry Compliance Guide Use this guide to HELP you comply with OSHA’s compliance requirements for the construction industry. Remember, all workplaces have unique hazards and compliance requirements and while this guide will assist you in complying, it’s…

July 13 2020

How to Stay Informed as an AML Compliance Officer

As a Compliance Officer in the gaming industry, it is your responsibility to be up-to-date in all things BSA AML regulatory compliance, especially when it comes to FinCEN regulatory updates. Your position requires you to be diligent, resourceful and dedicated…

July 8 2020

A Complete Solution for Managing Law Enforcement Training and…

Today’s environment is rapidly evolving for law enforcement agencies. Amid changing demands and exposure, your agency’s ability to continue deliver and perform are essential. Developed for law enforcement, TargetSolutions provides a comprehensive training and recordkeeping solution. With TargetSolutions, law enforcement agencies can…

July 7 2020

New Title IX Regulations: Nine Key Takeaways for Fall…

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR New Title IX Regulations: Nine Key Takeaways for Fall Planning Webinar Details In May, the Department of Education (DOE) released new Title IX regulations for institutions of higher education with an effective date of August 14, 2020. To…

September 3 2019

FERPA | What Every Employee Should Know

FERPA | What Every Employee Should Know   While the free flow of information is a hallmark of the college and university experience, there are several categories of information that shouldn’t be shared in order to safeguard student privacy and…

Whitepapers & Guides
August 15 2019

Mental Wellness Guide

About Mental Wellness Mental Wellness, commonly referred to as Mental Health, has become a critical discussion point on college and university campuses in the past few years, specifically on how institutions can help with the increase in mental illnesses, such…

In The News
July 23 2019

California SB 1343: What You Need to Know

California SB 1343: What You Need to Know California lawmakers have recently passed new legislation, SB 1343, to modify sexual harassment prevention and abusive conduct training for organizations. Since 2005, all public employers and private employers (with 50 or more…

In The News
July 12 2019

Pennsylvania Act 16: What You Need to Know

Pennsylvania Act 16: What You Need to Know In June 2019, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf furthered his “It’s On Us” campaign by signing Act 16 into law, which requires colleges and universities to review and adopt policy on sexual harassment…

July 3 2019

Ensuring ADA Compliance Campus-Wide

Ensuring ADA Compliance Campus-Wide Although the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been around for thirty years, institutions are still taken to court for not fully complying with ADA requirements – resulting in heavy fines. Complying with ADA can be…