How to Use CDC Guidelines to Make & Use Cloth Face Coverings

When it comes to making your own face masks for COVID-19, not all materials and methods are created equal. It’s important to pay attention to CDC guidelines to make sure your face covering is as effective as possible.

Vector Solutions’ latest coronavirus training video, Coronavirus 106: CDC Guidelines for Making & Using Cloth Face Coverings, uses CDC recommendations to demonstrate how to make your own face mask. This step-by-step face mask tutorial shows different types of coverings to create for all skill levels.

Coronavirus 106: CDC Guidelines for Making & Using Cloth Face Coverings

While ideally everyone should be following stay-at-home orders, the CDC has specific guidelines for staying safe when in public during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to social distancing, standing at least 6 feet apart from others at all times, the CDC recommends individuals wear a face covering while in a public setting, such as the grocery store.

In this quick demonstration, individuals will learn how to create different types of face masks for the coronavirus. The 8-minute course includes tutorials for sew- and non-sew methods for making face coverings. Additionally, viewers will understand best practices for wearing a cloth face covering in public.

Vector Solutions’ Complimentary Coronavirus Training Series

Vector Solutions, a leading provider of eLearning and performance management solutions, created a complimentary COVID-19 training series to help promote social awareness and help keep the public safe. Available through its Vector Care program, this video series accessible via YouTube, the Coronavirus Resource Center and inside the TargetSolutions platform.

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