TargetSolutions Builds 3 Custom Credentials for New York


TargetSolutions’ powerful tracking and records management capabilities help departments stay ahead of annual training mandates and ensure personnel are up-to-date on their skillsets. To consolidate crucial training hours for departments in New York, TargetSolutions custom-built 3 credentials written to state-specific mandates for both career and volunteer firefighters.

Custom-Built Credentials for New York

These credential templates provide a base for everything New York fire departments track to comply with state standards. In addition to containing TargetSolutions courses and activities, you can add your own department’s content to supplement necessary training credits.

Rather than individually looking up users’ training hours and potentially finding they have not completed all parts of their training, these credentials make it simple to track training, measure progress towards completion and run reports to prove compliance. Best of all, these auto-renewing credentials require little maintenance and allow you to begin training for the new year instantly.

Here is a breakdown of the 3 credentials for New York and the value they add to your department:

In-Service Fire Training for Career Firefighters

Built according to NYCRR Part 426 – the minimum standards for firefighting personnel, the credential for career firefighters covers the 101 annual training hours. Functioning similarly to TargetSolutions’ ISO training tracker, this credential enables you to ensure every member of the department fulfilled their training through one, centralized location.

This credential includes both pre-built activities for documenting hands-on training hours and relevant courses from TargetSolutions’ comprehensive firefighter training catalog. To make certain personnel are completing the correct training and for the appropriate amount of time, each activity and course is categorized based on specific parts of the 426 standard and each subcategory has an allocated number of hours required.

LOSAP for Volunteers

As a volunteer firefighter, there are many activities, meetings, courses, and responses to track to accumulate annual points. TargetSolutions not only delivers training, but the LOSAP (length of service accumulation points) for Volunteers credential enables you to document everything that counts towards this standard.

Pre-built activities measure the designated amount of points required for each category; such as sleep-ins and stand-bys, training courses, meetings, department responses and more. Users can add training hours as they’re completed, and you can ensure users are on track to achieve the right amount of credits for the year.

OSHA/PESH Required Annual Training

To enforce safety compliance within your department, an OSHA/PESH credential keeps records of training hours for hazard recognition, fire station safety, response safety, and other categories.

In addition to hours-based training, completion-based training has required hours and provides a variety of course options in each OSHA compliance field. If you prefer to offer your department’s custom content for categories such as respiratory protection or bloodborne pathogens, it’s also easy to do so. However, the Right to Know Article is the only field that requires your department to create your own content to complete the 1 hour of training.

To add these credentials to your platform to comply with New York state standards, or for more information about other state-specific credentials, please contact your account manager today!

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