New Enhanced Interface and Other Updates in TargetSolutions Check It™ System


New enhancements to the TargetSolutions Check It™ application focus on streamlining processes for departments with an improved interface, more comprehensive service tickets, added fields to reports and other updates for better usability.

Managing your department’s routine apparatus, equipment and inventory inspections has never been easier with the TargetSolutions Check It™ application. User-friendly features allow fire, EMS and law enforcement agencies to complete checks, track information about a truck or equipment’s status, open service tickets and run reports on all necessary details.

TargetSolutions also dedicates itself to ongoing efforts to improve the TargetSolutions Check It™ system. This round of enhancements focuses on streamlining processes for departments with an improved interface, more comprehensive work order tickets, added fields to reports and other updates for better usability.

For a step-by-step walkthrough of these enhancements, read this article in the TargetSolutions Help Center.

A More User-Friendly Interface

A key priority in recent updates to the TargetSolutions Check It™ system was providing a more user-friendly interface. Both the layout for the Apparatus page and the ticket board were reworked to give users a more organized, snapshot view of the department.

As individuals click on an engine’s details, they can understand all associated checklists, tickets, inventory and equipment at a glance. Additionally, color-coded notifications and icons and embedded inventory counts help departments understand what needs their immediate attention and what their overall status is in fewer clicks.

The new ability to reorder how engines or items appear in the Apparatus and Inventory Compartments helps personnel get to the items they need faster. You can organize checklists to set more frequently used checks at the top of the options list to minimize scrolling.

Beyond the Apparatus and Compartments enhancements, the Word Order board for managing tickets received a fresh new look and name:Tickets. With Tickets, departments still have the ability to visualize and track their tickets as they move through their customized maintenance workflow. Additionally, departments can also better track any changes made to the ticket with a full history view of all updates.

Additionally, updates to Tickets enable more accurate cost tracking. “Parts” and “labor” have been separated into their own fields so agencies understand where costs are coming from.

New Metrics for Service Tasks

Previously, service task reminders were based on a schedule determined by the overseeing officer based on time. For example, notifications would pop up in the TargetSolutions Check It™ dashboard for an oil change every few months. However, with new enhancements to the system, departments have greater flexibility in determining reminders.

Now, organizations can set service task reminders based on miles, engine hours or pump hours. This improvement provides you with more accurate tracking of when an apparatus requires maintenance and helps save your department’s budget for routine repairs.


New updates to the TargetSolutions Check It™ system all come together in Reports. This section now has a series of new reporting tools that include fleet spending, user engagement, out-of-service reports and equipment overview.

More accurate fleet spending reports indicate how much each truck is costing the department and even breaks it down to average cost per mile. This enables you to make more informed decisions when performing repairs or purchasing future vehicles.

A report of user engagement essentially lets you know who is doing the work. Is everyone performing the necessary checks during their shift? Additionally, this report helps you visualize any patterns of someone who is excelling at their job or someone who needs to be talked to. The out-of-service report gives you a detailed looked at out-of-service events per apparatus. Lastly, the equipment overview report gives you a snapshot look at inspection compliance for your equipment.

Other Enhancements to TargetSolutions Check It™

Some departments may not necessarily need strict deadlines for completing a checklist. There could be a greater flexibility in some departments with checklists needing to be completed just some time during the week. The new Completion Consideration Window in the weekly and monthly checklist schedule gives these agencies that option. This update prevents inaccurate alerts of overdue inspections.

New fuel tracking from the Apparatus detail page is also available on the TargetSolutions Check It™ desktop application. Your personnel can enter fill ups under their designated vehicles and you can track who filled which engine, with how much fuel and its cost.

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