Hard-Working Women By The Numbers

Hard-Working Women By The Numbers

In honor of International Women's Day and Women's History Month, both celebrated in March, we’re featuring some seriously impressive stats on hard-working women in the workforce. Women are making strides in leadership across industries like tech, science, medicine, law, higher education and more. At Vector Solutions, we’re proud to have skilled and talented women on our team and we’re avid proponents of the importance of seeing more girls and women in STEM and STEAM education and careers. 

The future is female and we can’t wait to see what it holds for women everywhere.

Women at Work: The Stats, Figures and Data

There Are Almost 75 Million Women In The Workforce!

Let’s state the obvious: women are integral to our workforce! With nearly 75 million women in the workforce and almost 47% of US workers being female, it’s easy to see that women are a critical component of our workforce and economy.

10 Million Businesses Are Owned By Women 

Women own close to 10 million businesses, generating $1.4 trillion in gross income. Between 1997 and 2014, the number of women-owned businesses in the United States increased by 68%.

75% of Mothers Are Employed Full Time

Mothers with children under 18 are active in the workforce with only one quarter staying home or working part time. 

And 40% of Household Breadwinners Are Women!

28% of STEM Jobs Are Held By Women

The good news: as tech advances so quickly, new jobs are created everyday, though for right now there is plenty of room for improvement in STEM, with only one quarter of STEM jobs being held by women. 

But, The Number of Women Graduating with STEM Degrees Is Rising

The number of women studying STEM in higher education is increasing every day. The number of women who graduated with STEM degrees has climbed from 140,000 in 2009 to over 200,000 in 2016! That number is continuing to rise with passing years and more opportunity in tech fields.

Women Are Ready To Negotiate

70% of women are seeking new challenges, looking for new opportunities even when they’re happy at work. They’re also asking for raises - 31% of women report having requested an increase in their compensation.

International Women’s Day might have passed, but at Vector Solutions, we celebrate the contributions of women in the workforce *every day* because we get to see the power of talented women in leadership and tech positions *every day*. Their contributions elevate our own work as an organization, inspire future generations, and result in products and services that continue to pave the way for women to lead -  in STEM and everywhere else.

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