Manage Job Performance Requirements for Canada with TargetSolutions

Streamline Job Performance Requirements for CanadaComplete and track fire department training online and satisfy job performance requirements for Canada with TargetSolutions' custom-built solutions.

Ensuring every member in your fire department is fulfilling all necessary training for job performance requirements (JPRs) can be grueling. To help fire departments in Canada achieve compliance, TargetSolutions developed all-new JPR tracking credentials available in its dynamic, online training management system.

Streamline Training for All JPRs for Canadian Fire Departments

Using TargetSolutions, you can deliver all necessary training activities and documents to satisfy job performance requirements for your province. Easily distribute pre-built credentials for Firefighter I, Firefighter II or Fire Instructor I in just a few clicks.

With TargetSolutions’ credentials for tracking fire department JPRs, there is no one size-fits-all mentality and you won’t be starting from scratch. Each province has its own JPR credential (or playbook in British Columbia) outlining everything your department should be training on.

Online training for JPRs can also help you save on costly classroom training sessions and the hassle of coordinating around firefighters’ schedules. Your personnel can access their TargetSolutions credentials, and hundreds of hours of additional online firefighter courses, anytime, anywhere.

Manage Compliance with Tracking & Reporting Functionalities

Bundled together in an organized training package, you can track completions for JPRs as personnel attend training sessions, go through custom-built assignments or review policies. Additionally, TargetSolutions makes it simple to manage your department’s training and compliance. User-friendly tools allow you to view personnel’s training progress and send automated reminders of deadlines or overdue activities.

Then, when the time comes for your department to be assessed, TargetSolutions enables you to generate detailed reports structured perfectly for reviewing job performance requirements.


TargetSolutions’ custom-built credentials for job performance requirements for Canada make training and tracking of JPRs, or playbooks, a seamless process. Using credentials such as Firefighter I, Firefighter II or Fire Instructor I, will help you manage your department’s mandated training in one, centralized location.

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