Recorded Webinar: How to Track Law Enforcement Weapons and Firearms Qualifications with TargetSolutions

While out in the field, law enforcement officers might only have a few seconds to make a decision and act to prevent tragedy and protect lives. With that, proper and effective use of firearms can mean the difference between life and death.

TargetSolutions’ pre-built credential for tracking weapons qualifications helps agencies ensure personnel complete officer firearms requirements. With powerful recordkeeping tools, law enforcement agencies can reduce liability and prepare officers to use potentially lethal weapons in the field.

“The best way for a law enforcement agency to limit their liability exposure is to effectively train its personnel and accurately track training hours,” explained Johnny Roberson, former law enforcement officer and TargetSolutions Solutions Engineer. “When it comes to documenting hours for weapons qualifications, TargetSolutions provides online records that can be accessed and updated from any web-enabled device. With this tracking tool, you can ensure your department’s weapons qualifications are up-to-date and information is correct, concise and complete.”

Record Weapons Qualifications from the Field

Tracking weapons qualifications with paper records may do the job for documenting the bare minimum, but it lacks the management capabilities TargetSolutions’ digital solution provides. Using TargetSolutions’ Weapons Qualifications credential, personnel can record their completed firearms training directly from the shooting range.

By putting the responsibility in the hands of individuals to input their qualifications in TargetSolutions, supervisors don’t have to worry about transcribing the details once they get back to the station. Everything can be documented in the pre-built tracker in real-time, from any web-enabled device.

Depending on your agency’s preferences, you can customize the data you want your agency to capture. Record the date the qualification occurred, weapon details (model, serial number, brand etc.), range score, which police firearms standards or objectives were fulfilled and even upload an image of your target – all from your mobile device.

Track Everything and Ensure Compliance

Email and in-platform notifications remind personnel of upcoming deadlines for satisfying weapons qualifications. Personnel are notified periodically 90, 60 and 30 days prior to their deadline and at the 30-day mark, supervisors are also alerted so they can ensure personnel achieve compliance in a timely manner.

TargetSolutions’ Weapons Qualifications credential also makes it simple to track users’ qualification status without generating reports. Supervisors can access the credential, oversee each person registered and see whether or not they are making progress.

For a full overview of your agency’s weapons qualifications, reports are also easy to produce via Generate Reports. These exportable reports can be shared in a number of file formats and show important details about personnel’s minimum qualifications for firearms.

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