Maximizing Your Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Efforts with an Effective Open House

TargetSolutions worked with the IAFC-VCOS to release a new course for fire departments: Maximizing Your Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Efforts with an Effective Open House.

It’s no secret that recruitment is one of the largest issues for volunteer fire departments. As the rate of emergency calls skyrocket, recruitment numbers are on the decline and volunteer fire departments are increasingly overwhelmed.

Recruitment events such as open houses have been popular for community outreach efforts for volunteer and combination fire departments around the country…but are you getting the most out of open houses? Do you focus on public education, safety, and the recruitment of potential new volunteers? All three aspects are equally as important in gaining new members.

To help address some of these issues for volunteer fire department recruitment, TargetSolutions worked with the International Association of Fire Chiefs – Volunteer & Combination Officers Section (IAFC-VCOS). Through this partnership, TargetSolutions released the new course: Maximizing Your Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Efforts with an Effective Open House.

“Volunteers are critical to many fire departments across the United States and we’re happy to have the opportunity to partner with the VCOS to present this new course for the fire service,” said TargetSolutions’ Executive Vice President Marc Scheipe. “The sacrifices volunteer emergency responders make for the communities they serve are important to the health of the fire service. It is imperative that departments are prepared when it comes time to recruit new members. This training outlines best practices and critical steps to make their next open house a success.”

Through this course, your fire department can optimize firefighter recruitment and retention with practical information from the leading volunteer firefighter advocacy organization and online firefighter training management system.

"It is with great pleasure that we announce this first online course between the IAFC VCOS and TargetSolutions on recruitment and open houses,” said VCOS Board Member Norvin Collins. “Because of partnerships like this, organizations can take advantage of national best practices and advice to better their communities and departments. After taking the course, be sure to try out some of the recommendations as soon as you can to reap the most benefits from the course!"

Course Overview

Maximizing Your Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Efforts with an Effective Open House includes a step-by-step process of preparing, planning, and executing a successful open house.

Delivered in an engaging, video format, individuals taking this course are provided with a visually-driven learning experience. Ten video modules feature an on-screen instructor to guide you through valuable lessons in recruitment strategies, preparation for recruitment events and planning for the future.

VCOS has the mission to provide chiefs and officers with the education, services and representation to enhance their professionalism. As the subject matter experts for this course, VCOS understands the struggles volunteer agencies face and offers the most current and useful information possible regarding open houses and volunteer firefighting recruitment.

Learning Objectives

This half hour course is packed with crucial information for volunteer and combination fire departments. Individuals taking this course will be guided through the following learning objectives:

  • Introduction
  • Hosting an Open House
  • Creating a Plan
  • Gathering and Utilizing Resources
  • Preparing for the Open House
  • Creating and Effective Marketing Campaign
  • Hosting and Executing the Event
  • Recruitment
  • Planning for the Future
  • Conclusion


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