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Engineers, electricians, and other workers who directly deal with electricity are at a great risk of suffering from a life-threatening electric shock. Although rare, life-threatening electric shocks occur when the body is exposed to the path of a strong electric current. Life-threatening symptoms from electric shock include muscle pain, contractions, severe burns, seizures, and unconsciousness. In these cases, call 911 immediately.

Even if you or one of your coworkers seem to have no injuries or just minor injuries, the victim should still visit the doctor to check for internal injuries.

Training and strong safety practices can reduce the likelihood of being injured by electricity. Convergence Training offers a wide variety of industrial maintenance and skills training courses. These training videos can teach you about a variety of topics including various skills and safety practices in manufacturing and industrial fields. Here are some of the courses offered by Convergence Training that teach you more about electrical skills and safety.

Current, Voltage, and Resistance

Current, Voltage, and Resistance Training Videos

The industrial electrical training course current, voltage, and resistance defines these three terms and also discusses the various sources of electricity, direct and alternating current, how to measure a current, atom structure, and Ohm’s law.

Circuits and Power

Circuits and Power Training Videos

The industrial electrical course about circuits and power explains the four parts of an electrical circuit—an energy source (AC or DC), a conductor (wire), an electrical load (device), and at least one controller (switch). You will also learn about the differences between series, parallel, combination and other types of common circuits. Furthermore, you will learn how to calculate electrical power and understand power rating, conversion, and efficiency.

Electronic Safety

Electronic Safety Training Videos

The electronic safety course describes the best practices on how to safely work with electronic components. Some of these best practices and topics discussed include proper grounding, when not to ground, insulated tools, heat transfer, electrostatic discharge, and how to properly use electrical control systems.

Industrial Controls-Starters

Industrial Controls-Starters Training Videos

Convergence Training’s industrial controls-starters course briefly explains the similarities and differences between contractors and starters. Then, it discusses the specifics of contractors including starter construction, overload heaters, incoming and auxiliary contacts, commonly used starter configurations, and how to use heater elements when troubleshooting.

Industrial Power Distribution, Facility Distribution Circuits, and PD Basics

Industrial Power Distribution, Facility Distribution Circuits, and PD Basics Training Videos

The electrical training course industrial power distribution, facility distribution circuits, and PD basics explains that industrial plants often require a very large amount of kilovolt-amperes (kVA) to keep the facility supplied with electricity. To keep an industrial plant running, the facility often requires conductors, switchgear, and transformers. In this course, you will learn how to safely perform maintenance, adjust voltages, and protect against overloads.

Electrical and Electrical Safety Training for Industrial and Facilities Workforces

Electric shocks can be life-threatening, but proper training and best safety practices can drastically decrease the likelihood of being injured by an electric shock.

Convergence Training industrial electrical courses provide an easy way to learn best practices, so you can safely perform your job. These are just a few of the courses Convergence Training offers so be sure to check out their industrial maintenance and skills training courses page to find the best eLearning courses for you.

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