Recent Webcasts Provide Public Safety Leaders with Valuable Lessons on Key Training Areas


TargetSolutions is always looking for new ways to provide the fire service with engaging training material. Over the last couple months, TargetSolutions had the opportunity to do exactly that by sponsoring three different webcasts for public safety leaders.

The first presentation, hosted on Aug. 25 by, was titled “Firefighter Training Programs: A New Approach.” This webcast conducted by Lt. Robert Finger Jr. of the Manlius Fire Department (N.Y.) and Fire Engineering’s editor Peter Prochillo, dived into how fire departments are approaching their training in these hectic times.

Finger outlined how fire department members struggle to find enough time to complete all of the various training activities and offered tips for maximizing performance.

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The second webcast, hosted by on Sept. 21, was titled “Turning Your Fire Data into Knowledge.” This webcast, built to help fire departments identify and locate their target hazard areas and increase fire and life safety education outreach, was presented by Fire Chief Robert Isbell of the City of Midland in Texas.

Isbell, who has been in the fire service for 33 years and has a master’s degree in executive leadership, discussed how once departments determine what neighborhoods and communities need extra assistance, they can use that information to develop a strategy to decrease fire and injury losses.

To download a recorded version of this webcast from, please click here.

The third webcast, titled “De-Escalation for Public Safety,” was conducted on Sept. 29 by Jim Glennon, a former Lieutenant in law enforcement, covered the importance of officers, EMTs, firefighters – everyone in public safety – to learn how to develop rapport and initiate calmative tactics with potentially illogical, irrational individuals.

The webcast explained how no two situations are training for a “cookie cutter” response for every incident is not always feasible. Understanding human beings in crisis, what they want and the commonalities of stress is where success begins. The webcast addressed realistic, simple and immediately applicable skill sets designed to work on the street.

To watch a recorded version of this webcast from Calibre Press, please click here.

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