Streamline Routine Apparatus and Equipment Inspections with TargetSolutions Check It™ Technology

TargetSolutions Check It™ operations management software simplifies apparatus inspections and tracks all equipment and inventory items needed in the field for first responders.

At the forefront of technological innovation for Fire and EMS agencies, TargetSolutions strives to improve processes and increase effectiveness for emergency responders. That’s what the TargetSolutions Check It™ application accomplishes.

This new operations management software documents, tracks, and reports routine apparatus and fire equipment inspections, while allowing departments to streamline checks with just a few clicks!

Apparatus Inspections

Using a mobile device, the TargetSolutions Check It™ application enables personnel to document the status of apparatus, complete in-depth equipment inspections, and communicate necessary actions. This software centralizes information by showing past check history, reminding staff of overdue or upcoming checks via push notifications and utilizing workflows to track service status of apparatus and equipment.

When creating checklists, departments won’t have to start from scratch. The new TargetSolutions operations management software contains a shared checklist library with real checklists used by other departments. Agencies will be able to simply import lists that relate to your apparatus and equipment and customize them according to your department’s needs.

Access to features is managed similarly to TargetSolutions’ powerful training and records management system. Administrators can assign roles based on personnel’s responsibilities and grant permission to add lists, create items or manage service tasks.

“TargetSolutions Check It helps departments ensure readiness, identify failed checks faster and increase overall efficiency,” said Senior Product Manager Misty Pratt. “Electronic apparatus checks improve transparency within a department and eliminate paper processes that can lead to inaccuracies and increased risk.”

Inventory Management

TargetSolutions Check It™ operations management software simplifies apparatus inspections and tracks all equipment and inventory items first responders need in the field. Departments can oversee drug inventories and track expiration dates to assure proper usage; and ensure accurate chain-of-custody records.

Comprehensive lists of medical supplies, compartment tools, and drugs are organized by categories for snapshot views of supply levels.

Service Tickets & Reporting

When an apparatus fails a check or requires other routine maintenance, the application allows personnel to open service tickets and track associated costs. Through the built-in workflow, staff can check the status of trucks and equipment for repair and understand what services are being performed.

Reports in the TargetSolutions Check It™ operations management software provides a high-level overview of vehicles and tools with automatically generated graphs.

With visually-driven reports, officers can view the check steps each engine passes, measure units of engines such as mileage or hours of use and manage the drug log of controlled substances and common medicines.

TargetSolutions now offers the ultimate tool for maintaining checklists for a department’s apparatus and everything on it. Not only is this all-in-one tool for truck and fire equipment inspections accessible on your mobile device but it can also be launched from your TargetSolutions site.

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