Track Completion of All JAC Training with TargetSolutions

California fire departments participating in the California Firefighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee (CFFJAC) training program can track completion of all JAC training, both TargetSolutions and other training, using TargetSolutions’ online training management platform.

TargetSolutions provides custom JAC reports for fire departments in California. To get started, you will need to notify TargetSolutions Account Manager Kegan Konrady, who manages California, and send him corresponding JAC ID numbers for individuals enrolled within JAC.

Once this is done, TargetSolutions will update your site with a JAC code builder found under Reportable Components within the Activities Builder application. This allows you to easily assign customized JAC codes to any custom activity on the platform. All TargetSolutions courses have a prebuilt JAC code attached to them that will automatically update the system when a course is completed.

The final step is to pull a JAC Monthly Submission report to send to California Firefighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee. TargetSolutions has a prebuilt report that is easily accessible under the Generate Reports tab. With just a few clicks the report is ready to be sent to California Firefighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee, which is currently working with a large number of clients and is familiar with TargetSolutions JAC reporting solution.

If you have any questions about CFFJAC or anything else related to TargetSolutions, please contact us today.

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