Reduce Liability, Save Money and Keep Employees Safe with Vector EHS Management

Workplace accidents and other employee incidents should be taken seriously by any organization. Not only can an incident threaten employee safety, but it can also cost an agency thousands in workers' compensation claims, damages, and compliance violations.

Using the new Vector EHS Management system, your agency can simplify all parts of accident tracking and incident management. Join our early interest list and we'll contact you with more information.

This online safety management solution keeps things from falling through the cracks. From the moment an incident is reported, to corrective actions, to OSHA recordkeeping, your agency can track the entire process.

How the New Online Incident Reporting System Works

Streamline the Incident Reporting Process

Available as a web-based solution and mobile application, your employees can report an incident the moment it occurs. Employees can use your agency’s customizable forms to record important details such as when and where the incident took place, personnel involved, what happened, and more.

From Vector EHS Management, you can then perform an in-depth investigation based on the incident report. You can also track related items such as corrective actions and different types of claims. By doing so, you can ensure costly factors such as workers' compensation and employee leave don’t go unnoticed.

To populate OSHA forms such as 300, 301 and 300A, all it takes is a few clicks. Your incident forms can automatically fill OSHA recordkeeping logs, which can effortlessly be exported for electronic submission.

Track Hazards, Exposures, and Immunizations

With Vector EHS Management, maintaining records of hazards, exposures, and immunizations is simple and effective. These records in the system are easily accessible and help agencies tie incidents to specific risks or actions when needed.

When an employee encounters a hazard, they can report it in Vector EHS Management. Using this, your agency can identify the hazard, determine its impact on your safety program, and notify employees of hazardous conditions.

Whether it’s a structure fire or medical exposure such as a needle stick or bloodborne pathogen, the exposures can also be tracked and referenced by the agency or employee. Similarly, immunization records are easily maintained in Vector EHS Management and are accessible at any time.

Prevent Future Incidents

In addition to reporting and tracking incidents, Vector EHS Management offers multiple solutions for using incident information to prevent future occurrences.

Assigning corrective actions, such as refresher training or a policy review, empower employees to learn best practices and reduce their risk. An example of this could be requiring an employee who got in a car accident while reversing to retake the "Driver Program: Backing Up Safely" course.

The Home tab shows a high-level view of incidents, open claims, events, and corrective actions going on in your organization. Agency members can use this data to make better-informed decisions for their employees, ensuring claims are handled in a timely matter, and employees are returning to work as soon as they're able.

Additionally, comprehensive reports let agencies look into incidents in greater detail. Data from these reports can help agencies identify patterns or key issues and find solutions that will reduce their overall risk and improve safety.

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