What Are the ANSI/ASSP Z690 Risk Management Standards?

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The ANSI/ASSP Z690 Risk Management Standards are the US national standards for applying risk management for occupational safety and health.

They are the US adoption of the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standards, in case you wondered.

If you’d like to learn more, continue reading, because we’re going to give a 100-level introduction to the Z690 standards as part of a longer series of articles explaining Z690 and discussing the use of risk management for occupational safety and health.

And by the way, we’ve included a free guide to using risk-based approaches for occupational safety and health management at the bottom of this article.

What Are the ANSI/ASSP Z690 Risk Management Standards?

As we noted earlier, the Z690 standards are the US national standards for applying risk management to occupational safety and health, and they’re the US adoption of the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standards.

Here’s how the ASSP explains it:

The ANSI/ASSP Z690 standards…provide uniform guidelines for the risk management practices and procedures that can enhance work safety and improve organizational performance. The standards establish a common language for risk management, outline principles and guidelines, and explain risk management techniques.

How Many Z690 Standards Are There?

There are three plus a technical report. They’re listed below:

Tell Me More About Using Risk-Based Approaches for Safety Management

We’ll be writing more about Z690 in coming articles, and in particular about Z690 Risk Management-Guidelines. Plus, we’ll be writing more about risk management for safety, too. So stay tuned for all that.

However, you might also want to check out the following stuff we’ve got for you right now:

Conclusion: The Z690 Risk Management Standards Are Great Guides to Implementing Risk-Based Approaches to Occupational Safety and Health

If you’re looking to adopt a risk-management-based approach to safety and health, possibly because you’re adopting risk and leaving a strict compliance focus behind, then the Z690 Risk Management standards are a great resource to help direct your efforts.

If you’re already using risk-based approaches to safety, use the comments section below to share your tips and experiences.



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