City of Roseville Describes How TargetSolutions Helps Streamline Training Management

The City of Roseville is using TargetSolutions’ online training management system to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver mandatory training to employees.

The City of Roseville, located in the Greater Sacramento Area of Northern California, utilizes the TargetSolutions platform across all of its public agencies, including fire, police and water. During the inaugural TargetSolutions Risk Summit this past November, the City of Roseville’s Lorrie McClain was presented with the Power User award for the city’s impressive utilization of the online training and management system. TargetSolutions had the opportunity to speak with McClain about how her city is using the platform.

Here is a transcription of the interview:

Which departments of the City of Roseville use TargetSolutions?
We are a full-service city. We have fire, police, we have our own energy plant. We have water, wastewater, public works. Every single department uses TargetSolutions.

How many different users are on the system?
At any one time we have 1,046 regular employees and then we have up to 800 temporary and seasonal employees, at any one time. Mostly in the summer months.

Tell me a little bit about the biggest challenge that you had before TargetSolutions and how the platform is helping you solve it.
It’s really hard to organize and afford in-person training and to get to the masses because a lot of our employees are in the field rather than in an office environment or in front of a computer or have the ability to go somewhere for in-person training. This allows us to bring the training to them at a more appropriate and convenient time whether it’s online training in front of the computer or reading admin’s regs or doing specific training. That could include TargetSolutions courses or courses that we create, or maybe they do tailgate settings where they do it as a group and then we go ahead and record the training later.

Tell us some of the ways you guys are using TargetSolutions to get the most out of it.
I think the most important thing we did is develop a core team where we have a representative from every department so that each department’s needs are utilized. We work together to create content and see what everybody needs so we could get every department on board and actually use it. We started out doing a presentation to all of the department heads saying “hey, this is what the product is, this is what we want to use it for, will you buy into it?” and they all agreed to buy into it. It then trickled down to their managers and supervisors that this is our learning management system, this is city-wide adopted, this is what we’re using as a learning management system, so then different departments weren’t off doing their own thing. We were all using the same system and that’s what basically the city mandate was.

Talk a little bit about all the different types of training you’re delivering with TargetSolutions.
We do everything from the supervisor-mandated sexual harassment training that has to be done every two years to the 700 training for those that it applies to. Police officers have specific training that’s geared toward them, whether it’s code 3 driving or canine training that all officers need to know about, it’s done on a weekly basis. The electric department does very specific NERC training for our power plant users that covers anything from simple administrative regulations and updates that are mandated by the city’s manager’s office for all employees to reading and acknowledging a document. That gives us documentation of the mandated training, either state or federal, that is required to be done every two or three years annually.

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