New Professional Development Training Now Available

Online Professional Development Catalog
Professional development training courses are now available through TargetSolutions’ online training management system.

If your organization is looking to educate employees on how to perform more effectively in the workplace, you are going to be thrilled with TargetSolutions’ newest set of online training courses.

TargetSolutions is pleased to offer more than 100 video-based, fully-narrated SmartTeam training courses covering the following categories: Communication, Computer Skills, Customer Service, Finance, Health & Wellness, Leadership, Management and Sales.

Courses are one-hour overviews covering professional development topics. Here is an overview of each category:

Communication: Training that educates employees on best practices for communication in a professional setting.

Online Professional Development Training

Computer Skills: Training on how to operate Microsoft Office programs (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), as well as lessons on how to implement new skills.

Training for Business Skills

Customer Service: Training designed to help employees learn how to provide exceptional customer service.

Finance: Training built to teach employees necessary skills for establishing and maintaining a budget that is financially stable.

Health & Wellness: Training on how to improve safety, health, and mental well-being through a healthier lifestyle.

Leadership: Training that educate leaders on how to sharpen leadership ability.

Business Skills Training Online

Management: Training that provides knowledge of various techniques for interacting with co-workers, supervisors, managers, clients, and vendors. These interactive courses cover important management topics.

Sales: Training that delivers in-depth information on the preparation, strategy and process of the sales cycle and how to close a deal.


SmartTeam courses are now available and ready to view. Please click here to download the course catalog and contact us for more information at (858) 376-1633.

Business Skills Training Catalog


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