Introducing LiveSafe Alert

Introducing LiveSafe Alert

LiveSafe Alert was developed to address the growing need for effective, modern emergency notification system (ENS) platforms with critical features such as audience grouping, user geofencing, and message analytics.

What is Vector LiveSafe Alert?

Vector LiveSafe Alert is an emergency notification and mass communications platform built to make it easy for organizations to communicate with their employees to build a safer, more informed workplace.

How is Vector LiveSafe Alert Used?

Alert is used to instantly and reliably deliver tailored broadcast alerts, gather real-time community feedback, and schedule and send recurring or one-time employee check-in messages. These features can be used during a crisis or can facilitate effective communication about routine business operations. With Alert, your organization can:

  • Deliver tailored Broadcast messages to your community members
  • Target users dynamically by groups, physical location, and organizational hierarchy
  • Send multi-channel alerts via Email, SMS, Voice Call, and Push Notification
  • Gather real-time feedback from your community with customizable Check-In messages
  • Schedule Broadcast and Check-In messages on a recurring or one-time basis
  • Engage robust, built-in permissions management modules for users, groups, and administrators
Using Vector LiveSafe Alert, organizations can keep their employees informed and protected, regardless of the crisis. For two examples of Broadcast and Check-In usage, read the two use cases below.

How Does Vector LiveSafe Alert Compare to Other ENS Platforms?

Alert offers all of the most essential, effective ENS capabilities in an intuitive, easily-deployable platform that provides value during high-stakes incidents as well as more regular workplace communication.

Notably, Alert offers rapid solution deployment, multi-channel broadcast delivery, simple message customization, targeted recipient grouping, and ENS reporting and analytics.

Regardless of the crisis, Vector LiveSafe Alert allows you to easily deliver the right message at the right time with a best-in-class mass communications tool.

How Can I Learn More?

For more information on how Vector LiveSafe Alert can help your organization, visit our website or contact us to learn more. With Vector Solutions offerings such as LiveSafe Alert, your organization can become safer, smarter, and better.


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