Monitoring Your Agency’s Health During the COVID-19 Crisis


Although the coronavirus outbreak has led to the closures of businesses, schools and major cities, the pressure for hospitals and first responders to keep the public safe has increased. However, to help manage this pandemic, fire, EMS and police agencies must first ensure their personnel are healthy and ready to serve.

With TargetSolutions Check It™, departments can enforce daily health inspections of crew members. A pre-built Staff Precaution checklist is available in the shared Checklist Library and can be customized according to your department’s needs. Using this, departments can monitor the wellness of their members, identify any illness symptoms and track potentially exposed personnel.

Learn step-by-step how to use the Staff Precaution checklist with this webinar recording.

The Need to Monitor Staff During COVID-19

The incubation period of the coronavirus can take up to 14 days before an infected individual shows symptoms. This makes identifying signs of the illness and preventing the spread of it even more difficult.

Fire and EMS departments are experiencing shortages in manpower as more and more first responders are having to quarantine themselves. In many cases, it all started with one or two exposed crew members. Recently New York City had to put more than 150 fire department personnel in quarantine – a concerning number considering the 4,000 emergency calls they receive daily.

By utilizing the Staff Precaution checklist in TargetSolutions Check It™, departments can closely monitor their member’s health. Personnel can provide daily updates of their temperature, potential symptoms and station assignments from the mobile application. Then, departments will know the moment someone becomes sick, can place affected members under quarantine and track and sanitize all equipment or apparatus they used.

How to Set Up Your Custom Staff Precaution Checklist

Departments can import the Staff Precaution inspection template from the Checklist Library. Once added, checklist items are easy to customize for every department member. From there, your staff can update their checklists from their own mobile devices.

For a step-by-step overview of how to customize the Staff Precaution inspection form, please watch this prerecorded webinar. In this webcast, a TargetSolutions Check It™ expert explains the many use cases for this checklist, how to set it up for your agency and use reports to address potential exposures.

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