Increase Safety with TargetSolutions’ Working in Extreme Temperatures Training Course

Working in excessively hot or cold environments can have an adverse impact on the human body. With that in mind, TargetSolutions’ OSHA training course, Working in Extreme Temperatures, educates personnel on safety measures.

TargetSolutions’ Working in Extreme Temperatures online training course provides valuable insight into preventing medical emergencies resulting from excessively hot or cold weather conditions.

Applicable for professionals from any industry, this 10-module course is divided into sections that explore the disorders culminating from extreme heat (exhaustion, rash) and cold (frostbite, hypothermia). Written to federal standards and featured in TargetSolutions’ OSHA training catalog, this course is especially valuable as summer approaches.

“It talks about preparing yourself as an individual, working in these temperatures, and what you can do to mitigate these potential hazards,” said Client Services Manager Jennifer Jones. “The course is applicable for all industries.”

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