How Departments Are Using TargetSolutions for Pre-Training Prior to the Drill Yard


During the 2018 Vector Solutions Client Summit, TargetSolutions clients were asked about their experiences with the dynamic training platform and how it serves as “pre-training” before hands-on exercises.

Representatives from agencies across the country came together in Clearwater Beach, Florida for Vector Solutions‘ annual Client Summit. Over the course of three days, leaders from backgrounds in firefighting, training and administration discussed best practices for online training management and exciting developments in eLearning.

During the summit, TargetSolutions users were asked about their experiences with the dynamic training platform. Covering topics such as records management, ISO audits, and customer service, clients praised TargetSolutions’ invaluable features for ensuring personnel are compliant with federal and local mandates and can perform in the field.

In this interview, training officers, safety managers, and chiefs emphasized their ability to prepare personnel for hands-on training in the drill-yard by using TargetSolutions to assign “pre-training” content:

Training to Prepare Personnel for Hands-On Activities

TargetSolutions is more than a platform for accessing online courses. Agencies utilizing the training management system found many benefits in integrating online tools into their hands-on training activities. Using either course or their own custom content, departments could expose personnel to the skills they’re expected to perform before leaving the station.

“I think the other thing that TargetSolutions does, is that it provides our officers with the training resources to deliver training within their company, at their company level,” explained David Piper, Training & Safety Officer, Orland Fire Protection District, IL. “If they don’t remember how to do a skill, or if it’s been a while since they’ve done that, they can reach back into TargetSolutions, refresh their skill proficiency in whatever they’re going to teach and then take that out to their truck room floor and then do that skill.”

More Efficient Training Reduces Out-of-Service Time

In addition to improving the understanding of procedures, TargetSolutions’ pre-training also allows agencies to maximize the hours spent at the drill-ground. Matt Barnes, Battalion Chief of the Southern Marin Fire Protection District, CA, revealed that more efficient hands-on training reduced time spent away from the station.

“So where I’d have to traditionally do that [instruct content] in a classroom-based setting, which would require me to take units out of service for hours at a time…where now I can send out the content, give them a few weeks to learn the content and review the content, pull them into the drill ground for an hour, or maybe two hours, go and do the skillset, refine any skills that need to be refined, talk about it, then send them back.”

For more information about how your department can supplement its hands-on training with pre-training technology, download this free white paper.

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