TargetSolutions Adds 12 Engaging Firefighter Training Courses to Online Library

TargetSolutions recently added 12 video-based courses, featuring audio narration, to its course catalog. Check out this video to learn more about the firefighter training.

TargetSolutions’ online training library recently received a boost with the addition of a dozen new training courses for firefighters.

The 12 courses – which consist of nine and one-half hours of training material – are accredited across the country, giving TargetSolutions nearly 260 hours of training for fire departments, including 160 hours of EMS recertification.

All of the courses are video-based with audio narration, adding more engaging content to TargetSolutions’ library of online firefighter training, said Director of Content Jeremy Lynch.

“We are excited about the opportunity to deliver this bundle of courses to our clients,” said Lynch. “We pride ourselves on creating outstanding training and we believe these video-based courses are going to provide great value to fire departments everywhere. These courses fill some areas where we had voids in our catalog.”

Here are brief descriptions of the 12 courses:

Assembly Occupancy Fire and Life Safety Inspection (0.5 hours): This course, which references the International Building and Fire Codes as well as the National Fire Protection Association NFPA1 Fire Code and NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, discusses the inspector’s role in conducting a fire and life safety inspection.

Building Construction (1 hour): This course identifies and differentiates the five types of building construction; explains how building construction types are affected by fire; and discusses the specific hazards to firefighters in different building construction types and materials.

Fire Prevention and Public Education is one of the 12 courses added to TargetSolutions’ course catalog. The course discusses why and how to create a fire prevention public education program.

Carbon Monoxide (0.5 hours): Carbon Monoxide is one of the most common hazards firefighters face on the job. Firefighters may find harmful concentrations while responding to structure fires and other incidents. This training course has 10 learning modules with a 10-question exam.

Ethics (1 hour): This course discusses ethics, their importance to the fire service, and their importance to firefighters’ careers. It also explores how firefighters can conduct themselves with high standards as representatives of the fire service, and assists in applying strong ethics to decision making.

Fire Alarm Systems (1 hour): This course is built to assist firefighters in understanding the advantages of having alarm systems in occupancies, to describe the fundamental configuration and components of alarm systems, and to discuss general principles for responding to alarms.

Fire Prevention and Public Education (1 hour): This course identifies common fire hazards in homes and businesses; explains the differences between surveys, inspections, and home fire safety surveys and the importance of each.

High Rise Fire and Life Safety Inspection (0.5 hours): The prevention of fire and rapid evacuation of high rise building occupants is an important and necessary concern for fire inspectors. This course will discuss the inspector’s role in conducting a fire and life safety inspection at a high rise building.

How to Read a Building (0.5 hours): This course describes the various types of building construction; explains how to evaluate a building during scene size-up; and discusses how to identify various building constructions within the same structure.

Leadership and Ethics (1 hour): This course explores the role of leadership and ethics as it applies to the fire service. In this course, users will learn how to create and maintain ethical leadership at every level of their agency. This training course has 7 learning modules with a 10-question exam.

Portable Extinguishers: Types and Usage (1 hour): This course reviews the steps to take when a fire is discovered, how to use a fire extinguisher and the limits of portable fire extinguishers.

School Fire and Life Safety Inspection (1 hour): It is critical for fire inspectors to understand the common hazards found in schools, and know how to develop effective recommended corrective action reports. This training course has 14 learning modules with a 10-question exam.

Water Supply (1 hour): This course explains how to calculate minimum water supplies for fire suppression operations; identifies pressurized, non-pressurized, and natural water sources; and discusses how to access water from various sources, and deliver it to the fireground using mobile water supply apparatus.

To view TargetSolutions’ online firefighter training catalog, please click here. If you have any questions about these course titles, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048.


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