Cardiac Emergencies Advanced Course for EMS CEs Features New Multimedia

TargetSolutions’ Cardiac Emergencies Advanced course has been enhanced with new multimedia content. The course features 15 learning modules and a 10-question exam.

With a comprehensive focus on all aspects of cardiology and cardiac emergencies, TargetSolutions’ Cardiac Emergencies Advanced course is a must for those in the EMS profession. With nearly half of the 600,000 cardiovascular-related deaths occuring before the patient reaches the hospital, emergency care associated with cardiac diseases is an integral part of training.

This course, which touches on the signs, symptoms, and the emergency medical care required for patients experiencing a cardiac emergency, has received updated content, enhanced multimedia, and a brand new audio track.

“Cardiology is important for EMS because as a nation we’re getting sicker, not healthier,” said Lauren Crosby, TargetSolutions’ Content and Compliance Manager. “The more we can push out information and awareness and keep our providers at the top of their game is really important.”

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