TargetSolutions Optimizes Two NFPA 1021 Firefighter Training Courses

TargetSolutions has updated two courses from its NFPA 1021 library. Company-Level Training and Leadership as a Group Influence have received updates.

Company-Level Training and Leadership as a Group Influence, two training courses from TargetSolutions’ NFPA 1021 catalog, have been updated with optimized content and new multimedia.

Company-Level Training’s primary focus is to equip officers on how to conduct successful training and how to assess particular training needs. With nine learning modules and a 10-question exam, this course will teach company officers how to successfully train at the company level.

Leadership as a Group Influence explores how different types of leadership styles, strategies, and theories can affect a fire battalion. Examples are provided that explore the benefits of positive leadership, as well as pros and cons of varying leadership styles.

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