University of Colorado Boulder Simplifies Training Management with TargetSolutions

University of Colorado Boulder utilizes TargetSolutions’ online training management system to effectively track training records.

With training hours logged into a cluster of spreadsheets across multiple departments, the University of Colorado Boulder knew there had to be an easier way to streamline recordkeeping.

“We had people tracking training credentials and certificates in every department,” recalls Christopher Cox, the University’s facilities safety manager. “We had separate spreadsheets in every department and no one ever came together. We didn’t have a central location.”

In early 2014, the University turned to TargetSolutions as its go-to training program – and everything fell into place. Training records became centralized and compliance was simplified thanks to powerful training management features.

Utilizing TargetSolutions’ ground-breaking Manage Credentials application, the University has consolidated state-mandated training subjects into one credential, called Core Training, to more effectively schedule, deliver and track required training.

“TargetSolutions offered the best platform for what we needed,” said Cox. “The user-friendly part of it was huge and the customer service was great. The ability to do more than just track training…really took our attention and that’s why we decided to use TargetSolutions over the other companies that do the same thing.”

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