Vector Solutions’ New Coronavirus Course & Upcoming Webinars: LiveSafe, EHS

Vector Solutions’ New Coronavirus Course & Upcoming Webinars: LiveSafe, EHS

In any workplace or profession, it’s important to continually learn new skills to stay relevant and ready for change as processes evolve and societies innovate. For casinos, it’s essential to always be informed on current compliance regulations, policies, and laws. Most recently, COVID-19 has put sanitation and health at the forefront of those needs to be informed, aware, and proactive.

Vector Solutions for Casinos is an industry leader in SaaS for training, risk management, safety, and prevention, and we are eager to share our latest and most relevant courses for your organizational safety and preparedness.

New Course & Upcoming Webinars

  1. New Release!
    A complimentary course added to the COVID-19 series, Coronavirus 109: What You Should Know About Variants.
  2. This Thursday! 
    Register today for a 30-minute LiveSafe demonstration on comprehensive risk management tools and safety protocol automation.
  3. Sept. 9, EHS Webinar
    Vector “Environmental, Health & Safety” (EHS) webinar demonstration will cover the platform’s high-performing ability to track incidents, hazards, and behavioral based safety that saves time and costs.

Coronavirus 109: What You Should Know About Variants

This mini-course provides information about the characteristics of virus variants and the COVID-19 variants that are prevalent in the world today.

  • By the end of this 4-minute course, individuals will be able to:
    Identify three characteristics of COVID-19 variants
  • Identify the four variants prevalent in the United States today
    B.1.1.7 (Alpha)
    B.1.351 (Beta)
    P.1 (Gamma)
    B.1.617.2 (Delta)

You can watch the video here on our YouTube channel.

LiveSafe Rebroadcasted Webinar | Thursday, Aug. 19

Discover why LiveSafe is an extremely effective tool in risk management, damage control and real-time tracking technology for quicker responses that help you make smarter decisions to manage emergencies better and faster.

Learn more about the LiveSafe solution here.

EHS Webinar | Tuesday, Sept. 7

Cyber threats are ever-present, learn how EHS, a comprehensive cybersecurity system, can transform the way you think of cybersecurity and protect your casino against cyberattacks. Use EHS’s configurable modules to suit the needs of your workplace, and get exactly what you need without hassle.

Interested in what’s offered? Here’s a sneak peek of the course outline:

  • SAR Incident Reporting for IT
  • PCI Credit Card Fraud Prevention
  • PCI Compliance for IT Professionals
  • Internal Fraud Awareness & Prevention
  • Cybersecurity Awareness in the Workplace

To learn more or sign up to register, click here!


Coming Soon: DE&I courses for a better, more inclusive workplace.

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