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Stay connected and prevent crises before they occur with anonymous tip reporting for students, staff, and parents.

Students often know what’s happening in your district before you do. Our Vector Alert Tip Reporting System lets you stay connected, so you can prevent safety incidents before they occur. Your custom Alert system will keep you connected 24/7, 365. Staff are immediately notified of every tip and can easily track and manage incidents to resolution in our web-based system.


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Stay Connected

Students, staff, and parents can submit tips 24/7.

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Automated Workflows

Easily route tips to the appropriate administrators.

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5-Way Notification

Submit tips by mobile app, phone, text, email, or website.

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Administrative Reports

Access data on tip submissions and trends. 

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2-Way Communication

Facilitate anonymous communication with tipsters. 

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Communication Resources

Promote to your community.

Discover How to Increase Safety with Anonymous Reporting

Students, staff, and parents can confidentially report safety concerns, including bullying, mental health, sexual harassment, weapons, and threats of violence to your administration 24/7. Administrators can easily track and manage tips in one central location.

Empower Your School Community

  • 5-Way Notification - Students, staff, and parents can choose from 5 convenient options to submit tips: mobile app, phone, text, email, or website.
  • 2-Way Communication - Administrators can easily gather additional details from tipsters to facilitate follow-up and resolution.
  • Immediate Notification - Every tip is immediately logged and appropriate staff members are notified via email.
  • Automated Workflows - Streamline many of the steps in tip resolution and easily delegate tips to colleagues who can investigate and manage tips to resolution.
  • Administrative Reports - Monitor safety trends by victim, offender, building, and incident type.
  • Free Communication Resources - Customizable fliers, posters, parent letters, and more help you promote this valuable resource to your school community. 
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EDU - Alert on iPhone

The Vector Alert Mobile App

Students, staff, and parents can download and use the Vector Alert mobile application as part of your district’s subscription for fast and easy reporting 24/7 

  • Easy-to-Use Interface - Allows students and adults to use their smart devices to quickly submit tips or report incidents.
  • Submit Supporting Details - Easily attach video, screenshots, or photos to tip reports to provide supporting documentation to administrators.
  • Push Notifications - Alert users when a reply has been sent to their submitted tip and allow private, two-way conversations between the tipster and an administrator.
  • Track Tips - Keep track of all submitted tips and communications using your mobile device.

Real Tips Received/Real Crises Averted

EDU - Alert - state_wa

at School

Administrators received a tip through their Vector Alert System that a student was brining a shotgun to school.

EDU - Alert - state_pa


Bomb threat texted into district’s Vector Alert System. Administrators immediately notified.

EDU - Alert - state_oh

Social Media Bullying

Student makes threats on social media. Parents submit tips to administrators through district’s Vector Alert System.

Our K-12 Safety & Professional Growth Suite

The following programs in our K-12 Safety and Professional Growth Suite complement our Tip Reporting System and can help make your district an even safer, more effective place to work and learn. And, when you purchase more than one Vector Solutions program, you’re eligible for our discount program.


Training Management

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EHS Management


SDS Management


Educator Evaluations+



Featured Clients

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 “The system’s ability to support the needs of our students in partnership with law enforcement, especially as it relates to the threats of suicide after hours, is invaluable.” 

Chris Ellisor, Safety and Emergency Services Director

Lexington County School District One, SC

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“We can now respond immediately! The Vector Alert System allows our administrators to respond immediately to bullying, and helps us provide a safe environment for our students.”

Joanne Dickinson, Director of Human Resources

Monroe School District, WA

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