AEC Training Basics: Attract & Retain Architects by Providing Online Training & Continuing Education

AEC Training Basics: Attract & Retain Architects by Providing Online Training & Continuing Education

In a tight and competitive labor market, employers have to work to attract and keep top talent regardless of the profession. And that's definitely true when it comes to hiring and retaining architects in the AEC industry.

And in a hot market for architects, firms need to do more than offer donuts in the morning and pizza at night. Higher compensation packages, more rewarding job projects, increased work-from-home flexibility, and better, more rewarding organizational cultures are all recruitment and retention tools.

And so is the availability of free online job training architects can use to develop job skills and free online continuing education that licensed, registered architects can use to keep their licenses up to date with state CE requirements.

And that's where Vector Solutions AEC comes in, because we've the industry leaders in providing job training and continuing education courses and services for architects and the AEC industry as a whole. In fact, the American Institute of Architects has named Vector Solutions a Registered Provider (AIA #J315) and we offer continuing education courses for architecture that haven been approved by the United States Green Business Council (USGBC).

We'll explain more in the article below.

Online Job Training for Architects

The typical career path for an architect begins with getting a college degree (either a bachelors, a masters, or a Ph.D) and then working in the field.

Initially, that architect completes an internship under the supervision of a Registered Architect, and eventually, after completing the internship, the architect can sit for an examination and, if/when the examination is passed, becomes a Registered Architect.

While an architect is completing that internship, he or she may find it very valuable to have access to free online training courses on any number of topics, including those specific to the architectural field and those of a more general workplace nature as well. In a labor market in which people are required to be lifelong learners and continually acquire knowledge and develop skills, employees really value employers who make these enriching learning opportunities available without cost.

Online Continuing Education Courses for Architects

Eventually, many architects will sit for exams, pass them, and become licensed, Registered Architects. But that doesn't mean the learning process ends.

Licensed Registered Architects are required to complete continuing education (CE) credits to keep those licenses active and up-to-date. Again, this gives architectural firms a great opportunity to attract and retain employees by providing online courses their Registered Architects can attend for free.

And partnering with Vector Solutions AEC brings an additional benefit on top of the AEC continuing education courses, because Vector Solutions offers powerful tools to help architects find the most efficient, time-effective manners to keep their licenses up-to-date and built-in notifications to alert architects of things like upcoming due dates.

Conclusion: Providing Free Job Training and Continuing Education for Architects Can Improve Your Firm's Hiring & Retention

We're eager to partner with your firm to help provide the job training and continuing education courses and services we offer to your architects. Contact us if you'd like to learn more about our solutions for the AEC industry.

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