A Look Ahead: The Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Training


TargetSolutions' mobile-compatible training courses give students flexibility when completing training assignments.

Today’s workforce is increasingly concerned with greater flexibility and work-life balance. The use of smartphones also continues to grow with an expected 2.3 billion users by the end of 2017. Due to these trends, mobile training solutions are becoming more important to meet the needs of employees and adapt to developing technology.

Regardless of the industry, mobile-optimized training capabilities are useful to deliver training. Rather than relying on instructor-led lessons and a customary eLearning system, mobile training gives learners control over how they receive information. TargetSolutions’ mobile-compatible courses address the growing need for dynamic and portable training.

Flexible, on-the-go training increases a student's willingness to complete training courses. Roughly 70 percent of respondents to an Asia-Pacific Skillsoft survey reported improved engagement and motivation to learn when training on mobile devices. For firefighters and EMS personnel, mobile functionality provides the ability to control how information is absorbed. Departments using TargetSolutions to e-mail deadline reminders, lets users check their email on their phones and immediately access courses without switching devices.

“Mobile-friendly courses provide flexibility that ultimately translates to higher utilization. TargetSolutions lets learners choose how and when they train.”

Misty Pratt, Product Manager, TargetSolutions.

Not only do mobile training courses increase motivation, but mobile learning leads to faster course completions. Smartphone users were found to finish courses 45 percent faster than those using computers for training in a Merrill Lynch GoLearn study. Additionally, the faster training time did not impact effectiveness as test scores were similar between both groups. TargetSolutions’ mobile-compatible courses help firefighters renew credentials sooner and retain critical information.

TargetSolutions gives departments the tools to customize content for mobile learning so students can immediately apply procedures to given scenarios. This method builds practical knowledge that is more engaging, without the risk of information overload from only using instructor-led training.

Total mobility changes the way organizations train personnel and how individuals process information. Learners can stay up-to-date on policy changes, new equipment, and new technology with faster access and more convenience. TargetSolutions is constantly working to enhance its training catalog with more mobile functionality that will increase performance and reduce liability.

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