Survey Highlights Benefits of Online Training


TargetSolutions recently facilitated the completion of an interesting marketing survey in which respondents described their favorite benefits associated with online training. Here are some of the top features reported in the survey (in no particular order):

  • User friendliness of completing training online
  • Interesting videos in courses
  • Personalized and self-paced ability to complete courses
  • Can add customized content to assigned courses
  • Variety and realism in videos in courses
  • Can keep records with innovative training management tools
  • Accessibility and flexibility of online training
  • Saves your place if course is not completed in one sitting
  • Cost-effective method for completing mandated training hours
  • Tests and feedback make courses interactive, challenging
  • Quick help if needed is available online
  • Self-paced so users don't have to rush through training
  • Plentiful number of courses from leading providers

The survey, which was conducted by Miller Pierce, a marketing agency out of Indianapolis, found that nearly 50 percent of the fire service is currently using an online training provider and nearly another 30 percent are considering making the switch soon.

TargetSolutions is the industry's pioneer and leader in web-based education as its comprehensive web-based training library features more than 1,000 training courses and more than 250 hours of Fire and EMS recertification courses. In addition to NFPA-approved content and EMS continuing education, TargetSolutions offers online training covering OSHA and Compliance, Human Resources, Water and Wastewater, Law Enforcement, Education (K-12), Driver Safety and more.

With TargetSolutions, users can complete courses 24/7 anywhere there is an Internet connection. Meeting federal, state and local mandated requirements has never been more convenient and affordable.

"The biggest benefit for us (using online training with TargetSolutions) is being able to provide consistent training on compliance topics for all our employees. Emergency response, sick days, holidays and regular days off consistently made total coverage a nightmare. With TargetSolutions, that problem is now a thing of the past. On things like sexual harassment, it was difficult. We'd bring in an expert and they would do a wonderful job, but how do you recapture that for everyone not there?"

Al Schlick, Wauconda Fire District (Ill.)

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