Webcasts for Fire Department Leaders Put Spotlight on Training, Professional Development


In June, TargetSolutions sponsored two webcasts for fire department leaders. The first presentation, hosted on June 9 by Firehouse.com, was titled "The Future of Fire Training, Where Are We Headed?"

The webcast explored how training officers can create a happy medium in their training program between computer-based training and classroom-style training.

The presentation covered how fire agencies can create the right blend to ensure quality training for personnel.

To download a recorded version of this webcast from Firehouse.com, please click here.

The second webcast, titled "Developing the Next Generation of Fire Service Leaders," was broadcast on June 29 by FireEngineering.com.

Doug Cline, an assistant chief with Horry County Fire Department (S.C.), presented on why it is vital for fire department leaders to create a professional development model for their organizations.

Cline's presentation outlined why career growth for employees is a critical element to leadership. It also discussed the responsibility leaders have to continue their own training and improve their own effectiveness.

To download a recorded version of this webcast from FireEngineering.com, please click here.

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