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Solve complex scheduling and resource management headaches quickly with our easy-to-use workforce management solution.

Utilize flexible and customizable features to simplify even the most complicated employee management tasks. Vector Scheduling simplifies the complications of daily scheduling including overtime hours, emergency rehires, and shift trading. Fully automate the system with intelligent rules to eliminate conflicts and grievances, determine tie-breakers, place employees in multiple rotating lists, and more.


Vector Scheduling crew scheduler dashboard
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Shift Coverage

Easily alert employees of open shifts and watch in real time as staff respond and coverage is handled

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Improve Communication

Access from any web-enabled device or mobile application, responding to needs quickly in both everyday and emergency situations

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Team Satisfaction

Improved visibility into scheduling rules and processes means no more employee confusion or dissatisfaction with not getting a desired shift

Employee Shift Scheduling Software - Simplified

Vector Scheduling is packed with features for nearly every mission-critical business process.

Streamline Employee Scheduling

Schedule employees in one, centralized system for greater accessibility and reduction of redundancy. Oversee shifts from our mobile application or any web-enabled device. Easily make schedule adjustments using the intuitive dashboard and view changes in real time. Automatically generate personal calendars for employees to view their schedule and determine auto-accept and unavailability periods.

Vector Scheduling App
Vector Scheduling Web and mobile app

Manage Backfill & Time Off


Intelligent rules automate Callbacks and filter responses based on qualifiers. Customize how employees are notified of Callback opportunities with flexible tools. Base request approvals or denials on automated qualifiers. Self-maintaining trade boards improve transparency and reduce grievances. Ledger keeps track of balances due & owed.

Utilize Reports to Find Trends


Flexible reporting enables data-based decision-making. Track data and export reports for payroll, overtime hours, Callbacks and more. Mitigate fatigue-related accidents by setting notifications for employees who are working too often. Maintain historical records of current and past employees to meet union and labor regulations.

Vector Scheduling Reports

Workforce Management Made Easy Through Software

Vector Scheduling has proven results with specialized features for some of the world’s most critical industries.


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What Our Customers Say

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"One of the greatest things about [Vector Scheduling] is it’s ever-changing. It’s always evolving and becoming better. Every month they fix something. They come out with a new module or aspect of the program that really works for us and it’s changing a lot of how we fill shifts and it’s really helpful.”

Craig McVey

Engineer and Staffing Administrator, Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District (CA)

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“With Check It, information is quickly accessible for all users via the mobile app and the web—anytime and anywhere.”

Captain Barry Glisson

Mobile Fire-Rescue (CA)

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